About Mickeys

Mickey's Sportscards has been a National Sportscards presence for over 28 years. Our commitment to accurate grading and outstanding customer service has been met with incredible support from our loyal base of customers. Forgive us a measure of pride as we reflect back on our journey over the past near three decades. 

  • We joined eBay back in 1998 under the ID 'mickeys-sportscards' and have maintained a 5 star feedback rating over the ensuing 17 years, chalking up nearly 17,000 unique feedbacks thus far.
  • In 2003 we launched our original web store, Mickey's Sport's Cards. With over 35,000 sports cards available for sale on-line, Mickey's was at the fore-front as weekend collectible shows gradually gave way to on-line shopping. Within three years our on-line catalog had grown to nearly 90,000 items and we assumed the mantle as the largest on-line card shop for vintage Autographed Cards.
  • In 2012 we were invited by to join its planned Sports Collectibles dealer network. Now in our 3rd year on Amazon, as MickeysClubhouse, we are extremely proud to sport a 5 star overall rating - a very rare accomplishment on Amazon. 

For me personally, this Hobby is about more than dollar and cents. While growing up I bought just about all the sports and non-sports cards that hit the market. From Football Stand-Ups to Basketball Rulers, my room was consumed by piles of favorite collectibles, favorite teams and favorite players. Johnny Unitas, Gale Sayers, Bobby Orr and Carl Yastrzemski - these were not just players, they were my heroes. And now, they are great memories.

Over the past 28 years, we've done more than sell sports cards, we've sold memories. 

Meg and I are thrilled to unveil our new store, We know you'll enjoy the store and we look forward to hearing from you as you discover your fondest memories are here.

With gratitude,

Mickey & Meg

Mickey's Cards
PO Box 27045
Prescott Valley, AZ 86312