Finding your way around the new site

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Here are a few things you'll notice on finding your way around our new site

  • When you view an item, you have an new option now to 'Add to Wish List' instead of a Cart. Using this technique, you can save up items you need to a saved list of personal needed items for future purchase.
  • If you are looking at Recently Added Autographs, you should change the sort to Alpha if you want to see Modern or Collector cards. Otherwise those will all come at the end as they do not confirm to Sort By Card Number.
  • If you are doing a search for a player, you need to connect the keywords with a "+" sign. For example, the search of Mike Piazza yesterday generated over 30,000 results - the search of Mike +Piazza generates two. 
  • You can also use more than two keywords and string them together in any order - for example, the search Autograph+Ron+Hunt generates the appropriate 4 results even though the name Hunt actual proceeds the word Autographs in the title
  • We now have site-wide search for all products, cards and autographs. So you can search 1964+High+Number to get the desired higher number cards.
  • There is an advanced search feature that appears after you have done a search - this would allow you to select with a Check Box just the categories you want to search - this might be useful in combined with Browse by Team for example, so you could select just Browse By Team->New York Yankees and then use a keyword like ROOKIE or High Number
  •  In sorting, you'll notice you can sort Newest to Oldest, which I know will be useful for most of you. You will also get the Autographed Cards pre-1987 sorting by default by Card Number (unless it's a collector set like Perez-Steele). However you can change that sort from Card Number to Alpha A-Z for a more familiar experience.
  • Autographed cards from 1986 and newer, as well as modern inserts and collector cards, are only available in Alpha sort order - we do not store the card numbers for many of those issues.
  • We also put a 'recently added' section under the Autograph cards menu - for Sports and Non Sports cards we recommend you use the Sort Newest to Oldest feature to see what was recently added. 

There is a Contact us form in the footer so if you have any feedback or comments please let us know. we are discussing some design enhancements shortly with our crew and a few of your suggestions have already made the list.

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